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The vineyard

The vineyard of Pouilly Fumé

The vineyard of Pouilly Fumé is established along the right bank of the Loire river, midway between its source and its mouth, in the department of NIEVRE. Our estate is located in the heart of the winemaker village of les Loges, on hillsides overlooking Loire.

Our vineyard is composed of various terroirs; each of them benefit from a special care.



These terroirs of hard stones are sloping to the south-east.
On these sunny hillsides, the grapes ripen thanks to the heat stored during the day, which is restored at night.


These are south exposed, they are terroirs of clay with small oysters. The earth is deep and rich for the benefit of the vines.



This south-east exposed and well balanced soil is quite easy to till.

Our continental climate offers four well-marked seasons.
Winters are cold and humid along with short snowy episodes. Summers are hot and dry.
The high quality of our Pouilly Fumé is the result of these special climate conditions: the various exposures and terroirs. We are much concerned by the respect of the terroirs and the earth. Since 2013, we have decided to end with the use of weed killers and chemical fertilizers.

We have turned into integrated viticulture (a fundamental principle to organic process).
Each parcel of vine is trained with a special care. The vine training is meticulous and rigorous so as to give the best to our wines.